As a teacher, I love to be at a school where children’s opinions and questions are valued. It is even better when their curiosities become a part of the curriculum! At Oak Crest Academy, teachers are fortunate to have the power to supplement our proven, research-based curriculum with additional activities that come directly from the interests of the students. The result is well-educated, empowered students who know that learning has no boundaries! Each day at Oak Crest is a new adventure that I am grateful to be a part of.

Testimonial Amanda S
Amanda S

Our son learned more in one day than he did in a year at a previous school. At the end of each school week, he tells us he “can’t believe it is Friday already!” as “time flies when school is interesting and fun!” As parents, it is such a relief to know that he is provided work that matches his potential. We also appreciate that he is receiving a well-rounded education; strong academics are balanced with physical education, meditation, conflict resolution and many other challenging and interesting programs and activities. The kids are encouraged to eat healthy, get outside and be active. We enjoy the relaxed, laid back nature of the school (i.e., not a lot of red tape, long forms, etc.). We absolutely recommend Oak Crest to any gifted and talented student(s).

Testimonial Asher and Lisa L
Asher and Lisa L

Our gifted child is amongst her peers and is enjoying OACs tailored curriculum. Thank you OAC! We are thrilled to be a part of Oak Crest Academy!

Testimonial Ariadne M
Ariadne M

After years of struggling in public school, we moved our middle schooler to Oak Crest Academy and have been shocked at the difference it’s made for the whole family, not just our son. He is now able to learn without frustration. He is engaged and interested in his classes. For the first time, he looks forward to going to school. I’m grateful that this school exists.

Testimonial Jennifer

Excellent academics and a variety of stimulating enrichment classes included in the curriculum. There are no limits to a student’s learning at Oak Crest Academy. Ms. Mukherjee, the math teacher, has relit my son’s passion for word (logical reasoning) problems and arithmetic. He delights in learning new operations daily. In language arts, the students are given assignments from a chosen piece of literature rich in vocabulary and highly thought provoking. Ms. Bello has her students write and revise their essays to the best of their ability. The testing is minimal and does not inhibit their learning. There are weekly spelling tests and occasional subject pre/post tests which are just enough to prepare students for the future without stressing them out. Homework is project based. The focus is on learning new and challenging material. There is no routine drilling in class or at home. Each subject is taught by a different teacher/professional specialized in that field. Students rotate between classrooms for each subject. This change of scenery helps to captivate my son’s attention throughout the day. My son’s love of learning has increased since being at Oak Crest Academy. He loves his chess, drama, and in-depth art class. We are also happy that he is learning quite a bit of Spanish in his foreign language class.

Testimonial Vanessa W
Vanessa W



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