Lower ElementatyKindergarten - 1st Grade

The Oak Crest Academy experience begins in Lower Elementary, which is our program for kindergarten through second-grade children. An Oak Crest Academy child is curious, motivated, and fun-loving!

curriculum01Our warm, nurturing environment promotes academic excellence, social competency, and emotional well-being. Our class size of approximately ten-fifteen gifted children coupled with an experienced, master’s level teacher makes for a small, caring community in each multi-age level classroom. Lower Elementary children begin the day with a morning meeting where social skills are woven into our discussions. Throughout the day, children are actively engaging and learning with their peers in partnerships, small groups, and as a whole class. Children learn how to become students. Teachers give guidance and support to help students develop work habits, organizational skills, and communication skills.

Key aspects of the Oak Crest Academy program include an accelerated curriculum created by William & Mary College, that is in-depth studies of all content areas, and flexible pacing. At Oak Crest Academy, we move at a rate that is appropriate for a curious, gifted child who thrives on stimulation. Studies build each day as we delve more deeply into an area of study. Children are constantly assessed through observations, discussions, and their classwork. Our Oak Crest Academy academic programs are rich in advanced content coupled with in-depth studies that foster thinking and problem solving. Our academic subjects include reading/writing, math, science, social studies, handwriting, and creative movement. Beginning in their kindergarten year, children also participate in physical education, creative movement, art, Spanish, and music studies that encourage creative and critical thinking. Frequently, units of study within the grade-level classroom are coordinated with the foreign language and arts classrooms. For example, while kindergarteners are learning about the human body in science, they are also learning about the body in Spanish, drawing the body in art, and exploring body movement in dance.



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